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The Servants of Elbereth: A Landroval Kinship
with a Unique RP Project
The Servants of Elbereth is a new family-friendly kinship with an emphasis on LOTR lore-friendly creative projects, such as various forms of roleplaying, short story writing, video production, etc.   Because there are "two faces" to our kinship, a public face as a charitable organization to mask the private face, and true mission of SoE: an underground resistance movement hunting and hunted by the Cult of Morgoth, the structure provides both a compelling backstory for immersive involvement and options for comedy-centered and/or drama-centered characters. Details on our backstory and our kinship culture are provided below.


Firstly, though we plan on spending a lot of time in creative projects, RP is optional for our members. Kinchat will be mostly OOC, though we envision IC conversations will naturally take place.  We will provide training on RP to those new to it and who are interested in learning.  In addition to practice activities, there will be several articles in our library, as well as links to other RP sources.  We are working on establishing alliances with other RP kinships and plan on becoming active with forum-based Landroval RP communities.

The structure of SoE is unique in that the backstory allows for stories and characters that are comedy-focused, drama-focused, or a mixture of the two.  

Essentially, there two aspects to the kinship: 1) A charitable organization led by Remigius, a flirtatious Hobbit who is in denial over his genuine attraction to Miss Subiera Butterpants, his arch-nemesis in the Hobbit-equivalent of Iron Chef competitions, and 2) An underground special-ops-like organization devoted to Elbereth and has the sole purpose to combat the Cult of Morgoth, an organization of recruits from the Race of Man to train for assisting Morgoth in the "Final Battle".  Throughout the centuries, the Cult of Morgoth has almost hunted down the Servants of Elbereth to extinction, which is why they had to go underground.  The real SoE leader is Aelomir, a rogue who lives in the shadows and is trying to rebuild the resistance against Morgoth's cult.  Though Remigius is the public leader of SoE as a charitable organization, he is completely clueless of the true mission of SoE.  After the battle-hardened Caylean inadvertently finds out about the true mission of SoE, Aelomir asks her to step up as the assistant leader in both public and private, partly to keep the blabbermouth Remigius from learning the truth, but also to assist in keeping Aelomir posted on others who may also stumble upon the truth before they are ready, as Caylean did.

Players may choose to put one or more toons into either category: "in the know" about the resistance movement, or oblivious to it.  For those who know the true nature of SoE's mission, they have the option to join the resistance, or to simply promise to keep quiet about it.

Planned activities include Kin RP events, participation in server RP events, short stories and Open or Closed RP on forums (both SoE and Landroval public ones), special events (like weddings), and video productions.

Questing, Deeds, Skirmishes, and Instances

We will have regular events for people to fellowship for these activities.  We will have both "on-level" and "run-through" opportunities.  


We will focus mostly on freep-side activities, including Moors PvE questing as a kin and PvMP public raids.


We will seek regular opportunities to raid and assist members in gearing up for end-game content.  We are planning on building a coalition of regular raiders for a schedule that meets the needs of the majority of SoE members.

Non-RP Social events

We will hold fun activities like treasure hunts, crafting faires, swap meets, hide and seek, etc, that will not be in character.  These have proven to be a lot of fun and helpful in the past... hope it works out well here!

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